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Ekya ITPL School Review

About School

This award winning campus offers progressive academic program in a safe and encouraging environment coupled with diverse extracurricular opportunities. Ekya ITPL is affiliated to the CBSE Board (Grade 1 – Grade 12) and offering Montessori and Kindergarten programs in pre-primary . Drawing on the legacy of the CMR Group of Institutions, Ekya Schools were instituted with one aim – to teach children not just what to learn, but how to learn.

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Parent’s Experience

Q: In which grade, your kid is studying currently? And, when did she start schooling here?

A: My daughter is studying in Ekya ITPL. Currently, she is in grade 4. She had joined Ekya in UKG, so it is almost 5 years now.

Q: What curriculum do they follow? And, please tell us about their teaching methodology. Is it completely application based or require a bit of rote method as well? What kind of resources they use for learning?

A: Ekya ITPL is a CBSE school, offers classes from pre-primary to grade 12. In pre-primary, they have two option – Kindergarten and Montessori. All the kids are then move to CBSE curriculum from grade 1.

I am highly appreciative of their teaching methodology. It is totally application based and kids don’t need to mug up a thing. Even tables they learn by doing multiplication. Students learn through class discussion, projects, researching on their own besides class learning, resource books etc. They also do have Q&A in every subject that make them to write. Two things I really like – 1)use of story books as resource and concepts are taught in a context, and 2)Design learning that require students to apply concepts in a structured way.

They give equal importance to what to learn and how to learn.

Q: What is the homework policy in Ekya ITPL?

A: They have minimal homework. My kid completes most of the homework in the school, so I have hardly seen her doing homework at home.

Q: Tell us about assessment and reporting process?

A: Assessment reports carries only grades. So, all students above 90% will get A+. There is no absurd chase of 1 mark here and there. Reports are published on their online portal (Schoology), which is really good. In fact, a lot of communication is happened through Schoology and it is very helpful.

They have two terms and there are reviews (exams) at the end of each term. However, these exams carry only 30% of total weight. 70% weight is given to assessments that include concept learning, projects and skill assessments, happen round the year.

I like their review paper very much. A student can’t just mug up and get the answer. Questions are application based and students need to understand the concepts thoroughly to apply them in new scenario.

Q: What are the languages they teach?

A: English is the medium of learning. Students have to read 3 languages till grade 8 as per CBSE, though exams are not conducted for 3rd language. Kannada/Hindi are options of 2nd/3rd subject. From grade 5, there is option to take French as 3rd language. Note that this might change depends on Government’s notice.

I am not satisfied with Hindi curriculum though. It is less application and more rote way to learn.

Q: Please tell us about the classroom setting, the teacher-student ratio, classroom infrastructure etc.

A: Rooms are big and ventilated. The whole building is designed to have ample natural light and air circulation everywhere. Teaching includes oral, audio-video and hands-on methods.

Class ratio is 1:35, which is optimal from my point of view. Anything significantly lower than this will take away kid’s self-learning and exploration opportunity, and significantly higher than this will create too much burden for a teacher.

Q: How about extra-curricular in the school, especially sports?

A: They are average. They do have PA, VA, PE (Performance Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education) as part of curriculum, which I see just as a break from academic activities and require kid to do some physical movements. But, they aren’t good enough to take kids to next level (interschool events). I supplement these at home (by enrolling her in outside classes). Having said that, most of the new schools may have some facilities to serve them only as checklist. Old schools may have legacy and connects, which can be considered as good extracurricular.

Ekya has basketball court, and some facilities for Badminton, Volleyball, and indoor game. They are developing sport complex, but no idea when it will start.

Q: Do they have canteen?

A: No. They eat in class or amphitheatre. They have tie-up with some food box company though.

Q: Do they have transport? Is it GPS enabled?

A: They have GPS enabled (outsources) transport. Interface could have been better.

Q: What are the other activities they do?

A: Till primary, there is annual performance which is superb. From grade 5, there are various clubs, which kids can join as per their interest – Theatre club, Cooking club, Reading club, Debate Club, Dance Club, School Choir, Basketball/Throwball Club, Visual Art (VA) Club etc.

Senior kids also participate in MUN (Model United Nations) events that happen across schools in Bangalore. Also, they have started work experience programs for senior kids.

Q: How about library? Does it have sufficient books on various genre?

A: The school has a library. Recently I visited there, and found enough books to keep students engaged throughout the year. However I feel that the librarian should assist in selecting books. Otherwise (like in my kid’s case), kids get influenced by classmates which limit their exposure to only few genre/writers.

Q: Are there any hygiene and security issue?

A: Not very satisfied with hygiene. I guess they should have more washroom for the number of students they have in school. Also, I don’t let my kid to drink water available in the school.

I haven’t heard any issue about security so far. They have CCTV installed at various places.

Q: When do the admissions start? When does academic session start?

A: Admission forms are generally available from September. Academic session starts from end of May.

Q. Anything else that you would like other parents to know about the school?

A: They have very stubborn management. They will not listen any suggestion.

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