100+ Career options after 12th- A compilation by CBSE

100+ career options after 12

Career after +2

12th (or +2) board is one of the major milestones in a student’s career. However, it is not an end, but just a beginning to hundreds of career paths that one can take. Not a long ago, parents and students knew about /aspired to limited career options such as medical, engineering, architecture, journalism, or law. With availability of internet in hand for 24X7, it seems information is not an issue. But now there is a challenge to find relevant information, with plethora of options around.

A well curated career list by CBSE

CBSE has curated a list of 113 courses that a student can take after 12th. It also contains important information such as a brief introduction of the course, eligibility criteria at different levels (undergraduate level, post graduate level, doctoral level etc.), courses, renowned universities/institutes, and supplemented with interesting facts.

Career Guidance – Introduction, eligibility, programs, renowned institutes for 100+ career options after 12th

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List of the courses in compendium of academic courses after +2

The compendium is an excellent resource as a starting point for the further research on courses after +2. The course coverage is truly diversified, from fisheries to choreography, cyber security to food and nutrition. Everyone can find a career path of one’s interest in this list. It is equally helpful for students and parents, much before the 12th boards for career guidance. It will help them in finding interest and shape those interests from early stage.

1. Aeronautical Engineering

2. Aerospace Engineering

3. Architecture Engineering

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

5. Astronomy And Astrophysics

6. Automobile Engineering

7. Bio Medical Engineering

8. Bio Technology Engineering

9. Ceramics Engineering

10. Chemical Engineering

11. Civil Engineering

12. Computer Science Engineering

13. Electrical And Electronics Engineering

14. Electronics And Communication Engineering

15. Industrial Engineering

16. Information Communications And Entertainment

17. Instrumentation Engineering

18. Manufacturing Science & Engineering

19. Marine Engineering

20. Mechanical Engineering

21. Medical Electronics Engineering

22. Metallurgy

23. Meteorology

24. Mining Engineering

25. Naval Architecture Engineering

26. Physical Sciences

27. Polymer Engineering

28. Robotics

29. Textile Engineering

30. Agricultural Science

31. Biological Science

32. Biotechnology

33. Computer Applications

34. Computer Science

35. Cyber Security

36. Earth Science/ Geography

37. Environmental Sciences

38. Fisheries

39. Floriculture /Horticulture

40. Food Technology

41. Forestry

42. Oceanography

 43. Statistical Science

44. Veterinary Sciences

45. Wildlife Biology

46. Zoology

47. Ayurveda BAMS

48. Dental BDS

49. Homeopathy

50. Naturopathy

51. Pharmacy

52. Siddha

53. Unani

54. Anthropology

55. Archaeology

56. Art Restoration

57. Curation

58. Educational/Vocational School Counsellor

59. Monuments And Sculpture Restoration

60. Museology

61. Physiotherapy

62. Rehabilitation Psychology

63. Rehabilitation Therapy

64. Social Work

65. Special Educator

66. Speech Language And Hearing

67. Law

68. Advertising

69. Journalism

70. Mass Communication

71. Public Relations

72. Art Direction

73. Choreography

74. Direction

75. Film/Drama Production

76. Fine Arts

77. Performing Arts

78. Vocal and Instrumental Music

79. Animation

80. Cinematography

81. Communication Design

82. Design

83. Graphic Designing

84. Photography

85. Actuarial Sciences

86. Bank Management

87. Business Administration

88. Business Management

89. Costs and Works Accounts

90. Chartered Accountancy

91. Chartered Financial Analysis

92. Event Management

93. Hospital Management

94. Hotel Management

95. Human Resource Management

96. Insurance

97. Logistics & Supply Chain Management

98. Management

99. Bachelor of Arts

100. Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)/Bachelor of Education (B.ed.)

101. Corporate Intelligence

102. Detective

103. Food Science and Nutrition

104. Foreign Languages

105. Home Science

106. Interior Designing

107. Liberal Studies VII

108. Library Sciences

109. Montessori Teaching

110. Nutrition and Dietetics

111. Physical Education

112. Sports and Sports Management

113. Tourism & Travel

As CBSE mentions, “the intention is to generate enough curiosity in the child to want to inquire/explore further on the scope, possibilities, avenues, etc. for each of these courses and/or for looking for other options/areas that go beyond these courses. It may also be noted that most of these courses are also offered by several private institutions/universities. The reader is expected to further research on this.”

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